The clients we serve at Integra Staffing, Inc. represent a vast variety of industries, including manufacturing, telecommunications, cyber security, government, and many more.

Regardless of your organization’s industry, the professional staffing experts at Integra can connect you with the best technology experts to help you drive continued company growth and stay one step ahead of the competition. When you select Integra Staffing as your partner in hiring, we begin by discovering the gaps between where you are currently and where you would like to be in the future. This enables us as a technology staffing agency to deliver the right people with the right skills and competencies to compliment your existing workforce.

As Integra Staffing, Inc. has discovered working with clients in Texas, a company’s competitive advantage does not depend only on the strength of its technology. It relies on the effectiveness of its people. We are a technology staffing agency committed to the solutions that keep you competitive.

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